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Brides avoid makeup analysis

The bride, though often not had built for herself, but don't let them. On your big day, must be beautiful, appropriately enough. So you have to know the bride exactly fits what kind of makeup, there is the bride avoid makeup must be kept in mind, Oh!
According to the costume dress up
Every bride will ask a makeup artist with makeup, but with makeup, but makeup, under normal circumstances, was a makeup from start to finish. Actually with the makeup should be according to the clothing transform, adjusting different brides avoid makeup. Wearing a wedding dress, formal dress, cheongsam, all use the same makeup as if it's not that fit.

There are many brides think "tight", it must be "strong." Painted fingernails, blush, lipstick red, coupled with a heavy eye makeup, thick layer of white Foundation, also have fake hair styles. Oh are we performing?
Rough and scratchy
Suggested mascara waterproof, and do not use large adhesive technique, or a root, upturned long as well. Best use lip liner lip brush, lip type will appear full and tempting, and to stay longer. Foundations may also be fine, rough sloppy makeup, but makeup of the bride avoid Oh!
Makeup "etiquette"
In fact, makeup has a lot of etiquette need attention, first of all, wedding day Nail Polish will not take too long, or is likely to hurt when you touch the guests. Second, try to use the lipstick off prevention, if you are using someone else's glasses, printed on it in a timely manner, please wipe off the lipstick. BACK PAGE