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Little new to create unique wedding

Every bride wants to have a unique wedding, which is different from someone else's wedding, the featured a more prominent. In fact, if carefully, every step will not have new ideas. Below, Lancome wedding photography studio, small series to give you a few, make your wedding unique!
Want a unique wedding, starting from the wedding should have their own ideas. In advocating environmental protection today, many couples choose to greet the mother with a bike, in the blue sky and surrounded by the nature of intimate romantic! but be sure to take into account weather conditions and road, making early preparations.
For unique wedding, brides has become more than just a simple door red, groom more adventures and sisters challenges, IQ, physical exam, exam response ... ... If permitted, will be arranged to various "games" to embarrass the groom. But to have some time to grasp, without delay after the bride's time.
Courtship ritual is always a romantic fascinated people, in order to have a unique wedding, the groom may wish to have this moved to the wedding, reproduce the touching scene of that day. Look at her look of surprise knew how sweet she is! love her, must be designed before the wedding and the layout of the background.
Staged every wedding couple drink jiaobeijiu this scene, new choice of champagne or red wine. Same pure water in General is a good choice, not doping quality pure water symbolizes the new pure love can last forever. Before you drink jiaobeijiu told guests choose the meaning of pure water, so share your pure love. BACK PAGE