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Style selection of wedding photography

2011 style of wedding photography styles, many photographers change patterns, adds a lot of wedding photography styles, classic, vintage, European, Korean, white full-length dress, evening dress, classic red, a variety of styles of wedding photography, envy our brides really Ah!
The purple represents mystery, a purple wedding photos is absolutely mystical classic, model of wedding, purple background and pale violet light, wrapped in a purple light wilted plants dot the whole atmosphere was just right, especially background rendering and lighting atmosphere, will be the focus of the picture is the perfect present.
Bride of clothing to purple mainly, distribution to red long skirt, skirt pendulum folds, natural and comfortable of in behind stretch, waist of design classic and aesthetic, personal of dress, purple bright tablets, highlights women of line, bride back of skin smooth triclosan, to whole picture upgrade has a brightness, coordination has picture of while, and highlights has bride of skin quality, groom of suit is purple, and bride of personal dress wants to match, groom shirt just and bride of drag to long skirt match, whole looks elegant solemn, Without any sense of, the most important of the groom and the bride's eyes, very Glam color, absolutely mysterious purple added a sense of mystery. BACK PAGE