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12 sexy pose wedding poses

Many people will find themselves taking pictures without posing POSE, not to mention wedding themes a lot, wedding poses a lot of the day the bride and groom get tired enough, the photographer to have guided the newcomers pose very tired. Below we introduce some sexy poses.
First: sexy cat-
Bust sat on his knee, curled like a relaxed cat, best show of your charm.
The second measure: Mermaid-
On any platform get down, like a mermaid-like tail exudes a unique charm of women.
The third move: wild tiger
Body bow into the "dive" position, a pair of piercing eyes shot temptation waves.
Part IV: Cobra-
Soft body face down on the ground, the beauty and the snake seems to be turned into one, interpretation of exposure, sex and seduction.
V: cock
This posture is not so much a "Rooster", as it is a slim beautiful Peacock is more accurate.
VI: Jiang taigong Diaoyu-
Quietly sat with their eyes instead of body language, each expression is the inner world of the characters.
Seventh: the blue sky overhead-
You stood quietly, like a plant growing in the water of Canna, slim, very endearing attitude.
Eighth: a tribute to Sun
Chest glowing vitality naturally, this poses for women elegant curves look straight.
Nineth: lazy crocodile type metal
Allowed people to carefully look at you naked on the back, waist and hip smooth lines, perfect faultless.
Tenth: the baby curl-
I curled up into a ball in your arms and delicate like a lost lamb, Eichhornia crassipes in a double hanging, very charming.
11th: Lotus-
Elegant posture as the goddess, embodying a unique natural charm, really my style awesomeness.
12th: dynamic camel
Like a camel, from the head to the natural lines of the legs, the temptation is to test every blood man. BACK PAGE