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How to design the art photo poses

Coming in the spring tide of girls of course couldn't be reconciled plain, not to reject a show individuality and creative style and characteristic of the spring feast. Select the photo shooting in this season, their beauty and youth are all sealed in a small photo album, there is a romance called sat rocking slowly to the taste of his youth art photos. Enjoy the memories of his youth.
Photo shooting position there are many, many fashion girls there are all kinds of tricks to make art. Same, sometimes inadvertently of when others of a snap lens may will has better of effect, is more natural comfortable, General has so several shooting of method need members shooting art of meimei are note has, that is headache, teeth pain, neck pain, waist pain, leg pain, on so points, as long as are holds good has this points shooting art of basic posture, so on can shooting out a site good of art as.
Headache is to put his hand around the head, and beautiful styling, toothache is to put your hand in your mouth around the shape, neck pain is to put his hand on her neck, gently touching, generous nature put on their desired shape. Back pain are both hands on the waist or put a hand on her waist, appropriate adjustments of the whole body shape, leg pain is then placed his hand around the legs, making the body down, put a sexy or cute styling, a woman is to take full advantage of your body's flexibility, to Aston Martin DBS to the curves of the body itself.
Posture is mainly a time of photo shoot, to shoot a better photo of art, you also need to pay attention to the finer details, taking a group photo, your beautiful treasures. BACK PAGE