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The recent popularity of HOLD living sister, do you know how many

Hold sister was born on August 9 this year by the Taiwan variety shows. A Netizen named Miss Lin whistled the Ray's modeling debut: the gaudy exaggerated shapes, childish egoist position in English, ... ... To introduce students to what is Fashion.
Miss Lin's performance for about 7 minutes, culminating in "a second Princess" is portrayed. One day, Miss Lin wore sexy bikini to the beach party fashion, turned out to be party of the Qing dynasty. Miss Lin instant inner turmoil, but she told herself to "hold" and not to panic, so she hit upon in turn cover in bikini hair, styling becomes Princess of the Qing dynasty.   Even more hilarious is that she kept yelling "Welcome", entire Stadium moments of laughter. After the show, Miss Lin said confidently: "even if I got the wrong party, the whole scene I will Hold live! "As Miss Lin performs in bikini wear clothes when outside, coupled with a variety of fun skill to make people laugh into the madness, the whole picture is almost comic, she was called by friends" hold me ".
Comedian is how the training
Sister Hold as explosive red bystanders from the variety show star, Thunder ultra small s one night, not into a day.
Like dealing with scary
Senior comedian such as small s, clothing has never been more ugly the better. Hold live sister also deep know this road, in program in the to super thick bazimei, Super rough eyeliner and colorful Super counselling mess take fright a, like as spent as soil and ugly, is to taught everyone what is fashion, plus love showing off in the English inclusion of pulled adjustable style, formed huge contrast "laugh" fruit, she said: "I of makeup integrated has pale well excellent, and Kate Moss and the television save puppet theatre, as clothing, and package package is is from students Grandma there stole to of. "2. There must be language flashes a short 8-minute performance, sister Hold Special tips, whether by bus, subway or be party to fashion," the scene I want to Hold, "became her mantra, also won the" Hold me "the big title. 18th she again to show videos to teach you "wear took to save money", still laughing over a group of people. Facilitator, Matilda Tao asked if she wears false eyelashes, there are rows of today, unexpectedly Hold sister unexpectedly replied: "there are 20 rows, it is OK, roll every morning. "Live demonstration" several wear pants. "   She said the language creative flashes come from life. Dare show dare statements "Hold live sister" not only stage dare show dare statements, in Taiwan Xia accept interview Shi, she I also quite dare said, was was batch she plagiarism size s, she although modestly accept, but couldn't help back choke: "I to again statement, you see not to I of car taillights, but I stopped not down, for I too fashion, you also Chase not to, trouble to Google about. "Asked whether fears no man? She also "Hold me" body: "list of a bunch of my pocket, after all, the world is following me, no problem.
Drama specialist solid
"Hold me" qualifications are not low, was Taiwan drama at Chinese Culture University student drama and journalism in this school are known as Chai, Wang and other well-known producers. She has 4 sisters, parents ignore her, but also train her to survive in the slit. A child with relatives to the night market stall, worked as a nanny, child photographer, currently as a waiter in a restaurant, she said work is not just to make money, you can also contact, observe different people, enrich the performance. "Even if it wanted to be a comedian, and ink. "She says like acting early and decided to read the play, if not as the artist, she also wanted to do a television behind. BACK PAGE