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Selected photos must be aware of the main points

Wedding photos are taken out, how to filter photos? Choose what kind of style, post-production style? These are important issues to consider, following Lancome Wedding Photography Studio series help you summarize a few points must be aware of the details.
Step 1: preliminary filter
Check out wedding websites, books, magazines, reference to relatives or friends wedding. Conditional can also visit wedding exhibitions. Filter factors to comprehensive reference includes:
Late style--consider photographic style, style and production style.
Services--mainly to see relatives or friends on how the Agency's reputation. Some agencies sell very different service stages in the late stages of attitudes and attitude, be careful;
Price – satisfied and not too over budget.
Considering these three aspects can select 5-10 list of alternative institutions.
Step 2: call
Understand the package content and the corresponding prices of photo agencies, and enquired about the shooting schedule, eliminated a few appropriate requirements. So you can 5-10 from the alternative institutions to pick 5 or so insights, you can make an appointment ahead of time and ask the place. If the time, may wish to look at a few.
Step 3: visit
Wedding photography agencies look at the sample, about his shooting style and level
View the album quality, understand the price of different material, layout, photo albums;
Visits available for photographs in the quantity and quality of wedding dresses, gowns, have their favorite apparel
Clear wedding photography service packages, including the makeup of the group, into the book count, making a photo album of the photos specifications, choice of location, giving the number of negatives as well as other giveaways;
Even friends and family recommend, nor a description which is introduced in the first place, to say what you need, listen to wedding dress company presentations, combined with consumer content to friends and relatives for comparison.
Step 4: sign the Bill
Signed under contract, to set the price and content, premium items and prices (such as VIP areas choose clothes, makeup liquid, false eyelashes, flowers, plus purchase of film), shooting time and take time to write clearly. Bear in mind that talk about everything in advance, on paper, should be implemented to protect their own interests!

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