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Before the wedding to pay attention to what you know

2012 is coming up soon, and more newcomers are choosing at this time into their marriage, first is the bride the wedding, however, before the wedding to pay attention to what you know? With wedding high technology and diversification of services, should pay attention to what the problem is before the wedding became more and more new issues that need your attention, Lancome wedding photography studio tell you happy new people, should pay attention to what before the wedding!
Talked about matters needing attention in choosing a Studio before, now talk about an agreement, considerations.
Signed agreements must be clear when necessary to decide on a wedding package project. Here are a few examples.
1. check mark when understand the agreement sets several styling, such as in hair and makeup, bridal wear can be selected well in advance, be sure to look at the Studio's costume reserves, are all kinds of styles of clothes, traditional full-length dresses, evening gowns, costumes, and so on. Also want to decide on a common garment and VIP packages, the number of sets.
2. the price of extra photos, be sure to sign the contract, be sure to sample and film, the photos into a metal surface, shiny, beautiful. Also select the cover of the album, and photo material, 40-inch oil painting or Crystal, and more elegant.
3.12 inch handmade photo albums, and 18-inch photo album can not be repeated, generally to around 26, 20-inch frame to have a. Is to be placed on the desktop.
4. use free during the filming of the day and the wedding day wedding, Bridal makeup, false eyelashes, make-up water, powder puff, flowers, gloves, prices of these ornaments should also be clearly written in the agreement.
5. dynamic computer VCD disc, if it is a digital photo, be sure to CD of original pixels for later laboratory use.
Before the wedding should pay attention to what, it signed an agreement in this regard Lancome wedding photography studio to do a detailed introduction, you encounter before the wedding the bride should pay attention to the question of what you can handle it! Lancome Wedding Photography Studio will provide more and better services, should pay attention to what before the wedding, new people, are you ready?