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The wedding need to prepare what I knew

Wedding need to be prepared, for many couples, wedding is also getting married on the top, every bride wants his good in front of their loved ones, so the wedding need to prepare what became the new first class problem, many couples don't know what needs to be prepared before the wedding, LancĂ´me wedding photography studios listed lovers some preparations.
The wedding be sure not to drink too much water, so as to avoid puffy eyes
Don't own makeup before the wedding so as not to affect the shape of makeup artist.
Shoot the wedding some time ago not to wear underwear with a shoulder strap, it is best to wear invisible underwear, silicone.
Before the wedding to make personal hygiene, full bath and shave my armpits.
Wedding must not long before sun exposure, so as not to affect the overall effect of colour.
Before the wedding don't eat fatty and spicy foods.
Wash hair before the wedding, trimmed in advance, but do not use too much hair products, so as not to affect the overall shape.
Before the wedding the groom must shave shave beard, ahead of time the hair is neatly trimmed.
Groom to be ready for its own equipment, a pair of black socks, a pair of white socks, a pair of black shoes, a pair of jeans. In addition, photographed the same day the groom need to prepare several white long sleeve shirt, leisure to be ready to prevent unprepared.
Now, the wedding need to prepare for what has this little problem you have found the answer! Specific to individual needs, General wedding need to be prepared before anything on these, and if you have more specific questions, Lancome wedding photography studio friends what the wedding need to be prepared to do more detailed explanation.