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Wedding eye control

The saying goes, "the eyes are the Windows to the soul", and only good eye, it is possible to show the inner, Bridal photography, bride character are mainly reserved special, cheerful, Romantic fantasy, and other categories, and each type description needs to control the bride's eyes, then adjusted according to body to complete.
Eye direction of nuance is a demonstration of the different personality traits, this is clever use of eye control, through the eyes of a change, the personalities of the characters also exhibit a wide variety of changes. In through change eyes direction to change beauty attitude effect of when Note: each direction extends of change by performance out of Visual feel does not same, it by corresponds to of such as CD cut size, and props using are has without, in change a people of eyes direction or other details Shi, to note adjustment another people of body direction or other of details makes two a people Zhijian of feel echoed up.
Gaze on the camera slightly downward position, reserved personality traits can be rendered. Eyes look directly at the camera, make people feel that this person is very cheerful, and easy to communicate. Look above the eye from the camera, comparing the features of romantic fantasy bride.
Eyes of direction and face of towards consistent, reflected out of characters charming of side; sight of direction and face turned of direction instead, makes characters is playful cute; was photo who head slightly low, sight at in lens slightly by Shang of location, performance out characters wild outgoing of character traits, shooting this class photos Shi need more note lens focal length of select, should not be had long or had short, or face will produced deformation, seat also to right, General to and eyebrows parallel suitable.