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Ring finger colour matching

With the development of the trend of the times, people now have a different variety of stylish and unique style of jewelry to match the different shape and colour. Sometimes we will see a lot of people on the street while wearing a lot of jewelry, and attracted the attention of many people, and some people wear but is scared of people agree, and why? Just match it, in fact, the best match is an expression from your heart to the beauty of, she was able to reflect your unique taste and elegant style, sending your charm.
A, ring finger mix:
Short thick twisted ornaments----avoid base type and complex design, we recommend that you wear a vertical line v-ring or swing-ring so that you can make the fingers look long and slender.
Rough----ring too small or too small will make people feel the ring fingers thick, and slightly twisted ornaments or undulating design will make the fingers look more slender, and larger or a single design can conceal coarse effect.
Large knuckles----finger is thicker or larger hand, wearing the rings that must be careful not to let the protruding knuckles too conspicuous, rings the size of balance is important. Select the ring area is large or vertical lines can be out of sight into the ring and finger joint attention in order to achieve the effect of diversion.
Middle fingers----if you belong to the Middle, then you can wear any rings, remember that any ring not long to the upper joint, nor seen the width of your hand.
Second, rings and colour matching:
Yellow-skinned people, not suitable for wearing purple and rose ring, if I have a special fondness, choose a golden ring, can hide the color out shortcomings.
Pink-skinned people, wearing orange being too obvious, but can be, but white is the right ring.
People with white skin, you have greater choice in the matter, but for their own is the best yo!