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2011 wedding photography makeup analysis

At finally olfactory to has spring of feel has, air in the seemed are diffuse with fresh of breath, 2011 wedding photography of curtain also on with this spring of breath with coming has, 2011 wedding photography of style is a compared by members new friends are of concern, but 2011 wedding photography makeup capacity is a new friends are compared concern of problem, so, next let Lancome wedding photography work room to told everyone, 2011 wedding photography makeup capacity in the of part content.
Spring/summer 2011 fashion week has ended, from runway makeup in the coexistence of diversity is not difficult to see purple, ice blue, warm orange color with a spring is still the hit of the season, and major brands to launch spring makeup, is also full of light and beautiful color. For brides, which color is the best choice for most appropriate to create a romantic soft wedding. Just Asian brides yellow colour is often difficult to manage these colors, or let the Lancome wedding photography studio resolves your spring wedding make-up for your perfect password, let you pop in to win!
A warm orange as the Sun over the horizon, the light pours, bathed in the warm spring, Breeze practice also say goodbye to cold, refreshing ... ...
Simple orange with the changes of light and shadow on the Palm changes play, creating a charming and romantic, very happy bride makeup. She has no strong color impact, only vivid light, like the Sun, is hard to resist the radiant body.
Makeup should be a 2011 wedding photography is a very popular makeup styles.