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The bride skin problems worry about how to get rid of large pores

Bride's skin usually starts a month before the wedding should be maintained, but large pores is the bride's skin often face the problem, many people can effectively tighten pores and want to have zero pore perfect skin. Brides to deal with enlarged pores, first of all to distinguish between types of large pores, and then select the appropriate care, nursing, easy to show wedding perfect.
Tightens pores can be divided into 3 types: skin type, water, relaxation. Focus of this tightening pores care is done, there will be no fear of large pores, you can make a beautiful bride!
1, horny-
Horny-characteristics of large pores is t-zone oil, pores and dark. Usually oily skin of sebum secretion, not completely clean, coupled with dietary fat lead. Poor metabolism of skin, aging skin clogging pores, mix with sebum excretion keep up large pores, when angle tied to exposure to air oxidation, color darken, appear black.
Care important: pay attention to cleanliness and control oil secretion, or grease accumulation of dirt in the pores, makes pores become larger. Daily balancing oil secretion, clear pore toner and lotion to skin once a week, for deep cleaning.
2, water-
This type of skin because there is less moisture and oil secretion, partial dry skin, prone to fine lines, nose and pores on both sides of a thick. In water, the skin, DermIS cells accelerated ageing, pores opening the cuticle becomes thinner, let skin around pores looked like a sunken, pores dilation becomes apparent.
Nursing focus: use a high water holding capacity of lotions, creams and serums, moisturizing care is focus of the comprehensive, including hyaluronic acid, glycerin, provitamin B5, natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and other ingredients with strong water retention function.
3, relaxed large pores (relatively few newcomers)
As we age, cell renewal capacity, skin pores around the collagen, elastic tissue proliferation ability of yourself would diminish, so that the pores around support and natural pores with bigger cheeks parts of the most obvious. If you spend a lot of time on the edge of photography and air-conditioned rooms, or sunscreen not enough is being done, will cause the premature aging of skin, younger skin has relaxed the pores will appear.
Nursing focus: selection of skin care products, which should contain the components can help stimulate collagen growth, common human growth factors, amino acids, peptides, vitamins and enzymes. As well as maintaining good mental health, and partner with the taste of life.