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Wear couples take wedding pictures of different color

With simple, romantic hit, wedding photos in the perfect blend of the features, the couple gradually get rid of the traditional wedding dress, wear couples take wedding pictures are becoming a popular fashion. So how do you choose a favorite and most suited to their lovers?
Korean style
Currently popular Korean-style most attractive is its show of beautiful, dress up anyway, and seems to never lose that feeling. In the eyes of young people today, prefer to wear their own lovers to realize unique aesthetic feeling. So put couples at the wedding, just to suit your mix, you can show Korean beautiful pictures.
Retro style
Wear couples take wedding pictures in addition to modern romance, some groom chose retro elements of a tank top and shorts, so that the final result will not only highlight the retro feel, but also show the modern pursuit of beauty. If you want to go back to the last century, when interpretation of the romantic, you can choose the decoration, is definitely a good choice!
Childish style
If a child character, Han-style wedding dress style rather than adding some cute and funny elements form a pleasant picture. Cute animal lovers, for example select positive, add their own funny faces, will make the results more interesting, maybe you can also find the childhood's happy!