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What hair bride model is better?

What model to look at? Short hair brides are very upset about this, and don't know how to get shapes. This is a once in a lifetime, not sloppy. Now look along with a small series of wedding photography.
Bridal hair accessories dress up:
Diamond bows right as if the bride has a butterfly to fly overhead, the finishing touch, a symbol of new life full of yearning and blessing.

Try the Red eyebrows, alternative, with creativity, in a high profile publicity does not lack of restraint. Coating lip gloss in times of need, can make your mouth anytime, anywhere maintain the color and luster. Lip gloss the most intimate thing, you don't have to worry about it would leave lipstick on the glass.
Bare-shoulder wedding dress fits the shape, sexy collar high up, and hair styling complementing each other.
Bride's dream: "I want to be Princess, set thousands of pets all in one!"
Many women on the bride's first dream was to be snow white, waiting for the Prince on a white horse--such a dream was head until the wedding on a building in the shape of, became veritable Bai Xuegong master. However, the effects of hair volume, hair, we really cannot implement some fancy cut hot wig can give you only wish.
Interpretation of wigs:
Seen from the front, this wig and nothing simple wave brides seem to be some quite satisfactory, but the back curls inward collection design, scattered arrangement is extremely strong, snow that otherworldly thing full show.
Hair accessories with:
Blue and white hair accessories are the wig's "best maid", combining the essence of Chinese and Western style, in the form of snow, have joined the Chinese style elegance elements, both princesses fairy tale dreams temperament, and China classic collection in modelling of wind, to perfection.

Transparent dressing with fairy tale temperament is most appropriate, clear and elegant, and would not be taking hair light. Sounds simple enough, but having the right eye shadow and eyeliner can match the color of your eyes, your natural beauty will be distributed from the inside. Eye black? brown eye shadow fits you; her eyes are Brown and light brown, particularly suited to the Brown and gold eye shadow if you wear blue lenses, try dark brown eyeshadow green lenses? purple especially.