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Parse wedding prices

Many new people to shoot the wedding prices do not know, often into a misunderstanding, wedding prices there are a lot of little secrets. Wedding prices below, explain Wedding Photography Studio.
Took wedding of price is according to each wedding Studio of different price also different, specific also to see each home wedding Studio of dress type is enough more, dress quality is enough good, shooting of style is enough novel, new are is are satisfaction, is has location shooting, location shooting of quality good bad, location shooting of locations, and photographer of shooting technology good bad, is in place and so on. Prices of these will relate to shoot the wedding, after all, take out the effect of new people are very satisfied with their own pocket money out quickly too!
There are many studios will have value-added services, such as using false eyelashes, make-up water, shooting with props, flower bouquet, and how many times to change her makeup or something, will charge an additional fee. Photo finish, when he selected photos and pictures of new people more, there will be an additional charge a lot of fees. Hope the new people must be careful. This wedding is not an easy thing.
Wedding price must be prepared, signed an agreement on when to write the additional costs, otherwise, the price of this wedding is really not clear, specific wedding price depends on personal choice, this is not an accurate number. I hope all these new people to help.