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Teach you how to easily remove the bride makeup

How to remove thick bridal makeup? Below, xiaobian given Lancome wedding photography studio introduces scientific method of cleansing, protecting your Haze will not be cosmetic damage.
Cleansing milk
Creamy texture, apply easily after use, very easy to use paper towels or wash, for users with moderate makeup.
Makeup remover
Excluding oil, formula can be divided into weak clean and strong cleaning power of two, for makeup. For daily discharge of weak clean makeup, feeling fresh when used. Strong cleaning power has a strong cleansing effect, but easy to make dry skin, dry skin is not for long-term use.
Cleansing cotton
Some remover and cotton set remover, cleansing, boosting blood circulation and moisturize in one multi-functional and easy to use. Cleansing cotton of high quality soft texture, not easy to chip off.
Cleansing oil
The basic ingredient is mineral oil, synthetic grease or vegetable oil, used in all skin types, except that it can dissolve the cosmetic, able to deep clean pores, and makeup than the right.
Eye and lip skin very fragile and easy to irritate allergies, so make sure you select Remover products designed specifically for these parts. Eye makeup remover is: Eye makeup remover is stained with a cotton compress on the eye, eye shadow to be dissolved. Then with your fingers holding the cotton and gently wipe the eye. Finally erase the mascara and eyeliner using cotton swabs and other minor parts.